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Prison Life

Maximus February 21, 2023 Team 3989

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Prison Life unblocked is a game featuring cops and robbers. In Prison Life game, you can be either a cop or a robber with different missions.

About Prison Life

Prison Life is an io game about an adventure between a cop and a robber. The cop has to catch the robber while the robber robs items for money and escape the cop.

Prison Life io features a fun gameplay mechanic in which you can play as your favorite role

There are two roles in this io game multiplayer. For instance, if you are a prisoner, you must get away from the cop. For the cop, you must watch over the prisoners and keep them in.

Vanquish the map using your skills in Prison Life game online

When you get away from the prison, you can start doing robberies. The more robberies you do, the more money you get. However, you need to watch out for the cops as they will try to catch you.

So, you must use your skills to get away from them. On your way, you can collect items then make use of them to defeat the cops. Try to vanquish challenges and complete the goal to win.

Play Prison Life for free to show your escaping and catching skills!

How to play

Use WASD to move your character around the map. Use E to collect items and G to drop them.

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