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Snakes 3D Full Screen

About is a free-to-play RPG game where you will compete with multiple players online and hordes of crazy monsters. Your mission is to become the most powerful character who can rule the whole map for a long time. Before you reach the spot that you expect, you need to eliminate as many antagonists as possible. Not only that, try to take the loot of your victims and other targets. When you defeat a scary creature, you will gain more XP. With the experience that you earn, you can unlock the new level and get stronger. Besides, you will be able to open up plenty of upgrades. In, you will have the chance to look for lots of better weapons. Each gear will own unique abilities that allow you to mix and match. Aside from using them to customize your warrior, you can get fame when you finish off top scorers. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to interact and move, E to control items.

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