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Swingo unblocked is an HTML5 action game with a fun adventure. You help a character in Swingo use a grappling hook to reach the end of each level.

About Swingo

Swingo is a new arcade game with an action genre. It lets you use a grappling hook to make movements. Try to earn points then use them to unlock amazing characters.

Swingo lets you do actions with a grappling hook to vanquish the adventure

When you play Swingo free online, you will perform actions using a grappling hook. It is because your character can move with that grappling hook. You will help him swing then bounce until you get to the fruit at the end of each level.

Earn points by completing levels to unlock characters in Swingo game

For each level you complete, you will obtain some points. Then, you can use those points to unlock some cool characters. The characters can be amazing animals. So, they will make the game more interesting. Your goal is to complete all levels to vanquish the adventure.

Play Swingo unblocked to show your skills in using a grappling hook!

How to play

Click the left mouse button to aim, drag then release it to shoot.

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