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Wormate.io 2

Maximus May 17, 2023 Io Games 2093

Snakes 3D Full Screen

Wormate.io 2 unblocked is now free for all to enjoy online. Travel around the Wormate.io 2 game carefully to eat the most food, grow, and avoid other worms!

About Wormate.io 2

Wormate.io 2 is a game like many popular multiplayer io games. First of all, you start the survival fight as a worm. Next, your main aim is to get the longest tail.

Begin as a worm in Wormate.io 2, one of the new snake io games, and compete against multiple foes

And, you engage in the current field as the smallest worm. Further, like the Wormate.io 1 game, you need to eat burgers with other food as many as possible. Besides, you’ll quickly grow your tail in length. Meanwhile, you’re defending from plenty of rivals.

Free to play Wormate.io 2 in the full-screen mode and difficult to gain the best final length

From the beginning, you can collect food. Moreover, you’ll find the appearance of your opponents. So, prevent yourself from bumping into them! Or, you’ll be a stack of what you have eaten.

Similar to the classic or new snake io games, it’s simple to boost speed to approach the target sooner. However, it’s a good method to chase and hunt other worms as well.

Now, play Wormate.io 2 full screen and try to rule the playfield with the top length!

How to play

Hit WASD or Arrows to direct your creature. Choose Space when you get enough mass to boost speed.

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