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Kitten Hero

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Involve in Kitten Hero unblocked game and experience a fast challenge by yourself. Avoid traps to save Kitten Hero from death until he finds a way to level up!

About Kitten Hero

Play Kitten Hero free online and complete a mind-blowing fast-paced adventure as a little cat. The game’s levels are ready for you to conquer with tons of obstacles.

As a Kitten Hero in the new html5 game, it’s necessary to perform your action wisely!

At first, you’re a crucial part of the survival 2D game that you have already chosen. At present, you can check out lots of skills without effort. Not only that, the stage’s difficulty level quickly makes you crazy. Therefore, you’d better dodge traps if you want to remain alive.

Kitten Hero is a game that contains a meaningful story

Exactly, you are on the way to rescue a friend whom a bad AI has kidnapped. Hence, you have to search for its place to save that buddy. Meanwhile, the path is always full of dangerous objects. For that reason, it’s important to overcome before you finish your call.

As it happens, Kitten Hero is an online html5 action game for those who love adventures and cats. So, can you survive after facing deadly barriers and set free your friend rapidly?

How to play

Direct the kitten with W and S Choose or enter with J Come back with B Open and go into the portal with F Dash with K or WD and K Pause the challenger with P

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