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Refresh your experience with Slither-style io games! unblocked is right here on Snakes-3D and ready to bring you a new experience. It features amazing content, nice graphics, and great gameplay. All of these elements make the game much better to play.

In Little Big Snake io game, you spawn as a small snake making its way through a pit-like arena trying to eat as many food orbs as possible. The more food orbs you eat, the bigger you will become, which is also your goal in this Slither-like io game. As you make your way through the arena finding orbs to eat, you have to defend yourself from other enemy snakes. If your head collides with their bodies, the game will be over. But if theirs collide with yours, they will be defeated. When the enemies are tough to deal with, you should escape away from them using your speed boost feature. Your main goal in Little Big Snake game online is to become the biggest snake! Come play it now to show your skills and have fun with it!

How to play

Move your snake using the mouse and speed it up using the left mouse button.

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