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Sand King

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Become the newest Sand King in your unblocked html5 dinosaur game with the most dinosaur remains. Time to search for and create the best collection, Sand King!

About Sand King

The Sand King free game occurs in a very large desert. Then, you drive a cool car and drive it across areas to find dino remains and build up an awesome collection.

It’s interesting to be a Sand King in the new game unblocked!

Now, it’s really addicting to play Sand King full screen on browsers. Aside from that, you will begin as a paleontologist. Additionally, the target that you are seeking is the remains of dinosaurs. However, it’s quite exciting to drive and look for these due to the limited fuel.

Play Sand King html5 game with dinosaur remains and you can sell or upgrade easily

At the start of the car racing game, you have some fuel. For that reason, you must return after sucking sand. But, you should head to the Sell area. Next, you can continue and earn more cash. Further, don’t forget to visit the Upgrade shop when you gain enough cash.

In the new Sand King unblocked game, you should upgrade the suction and the car. In addition to that, remember to work cleverly to level up rapidly!

How to play

Discover the desert in-game by pressing Arrows/ W, D, A, and S keys, or by dragging Left Mouse after clicking it.

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