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Bakery Shop

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Bakery Shop, the ultimate bakery management game, awaits you on the vibrant main street. Experience the bakery magic world of Bakery Shop and download it today.

About Bakery Shop

Do you have a secret passion for baking? Ever dreamt of running your Bakery Shop and serving up delectable bread and cakes to eager customers? Well, your dreams come to life when this html5 simulation game is unblocked. It is not only a cooking game online but a thrilling game that allows you to manage your bakery’s economics while crafting 25 different types of mouthwatering bread and cakes.

Building Your Bakery Shop Empire

In the new Bakery Shop game, the power is in your hands. You can create a bakery empire from scratch, starting with a humble shop on the bustling main street. Your journey begins with the essential equipment, specifically ovens, mixers, and counters. As your bakery grows, you can expand 13 diverse kitchen appliances, together with three stylish pieces of furniture and three convenient self-serve machines.

Crafting Culinary Delights

When you play Bakery Shop full screen on PC, what truly sets Bakery Shop apart is the art of crafting delightful treats. With 23 different ingredients at your disposal, you can experiment and create a wide array of bread and cakes. From fluffy croissants to rich chocolate cakes, your bakery’s menu will be a haven for food enthusiasts.

Innovative In-Game Features

Bakery Shop is not only a bakery simulator but also a world of surprises and innovation. The game boasts an impressive list of features, including a computer to help you efficiently manage your shop’s operations and a packing machine to package your creations elegantly.

A Living, Breathing World

Even though this is a new Bakery Shop game, it can create an immersive experience with NPCs (non-player characters) who walk into your shop as customers, adding a dynamic element to your daily bakery operations. Beyond the bakery’s doors, you’ll find a lively street with NPCs strolling and cars bustling by. A day-night system and economic management complete the vibrant in-game world.

How to play

Move your mouse to take the ingredients. Follow the instructions to make the cake. Decor your cake.

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