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Elastic Man

Maximus November 6, 2021 Strategy 11682

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About Elastic Man

Elastic Man game is a face simulation game where you do nothing but still have fun. Tap to stretch a face to see it deform, but you’ll be messing around with it all day.

You will enjoy idle gameplay like never before when you play Elastic Man unblocked free online. It’s like an experience to waste time but enjoy and relieve stress. Simply touching a face stretches its skin, but it has the resilience to restore its former shape. There is only one face but you can play it for hours without getting bored, that is the impressive gameplay of 3D games.

Try stretching an eye, or an ear, a cheek… and see how it distorts. From a baby-looking face, you can age it with wrinkles and chaos. Besides, you can hear strange sounds in each touch on the screen. And you also see a pair of eyes that will move according to your mouse movements, from left, right to up and down. They look very alive with 3D motion and unique simulation design style.

How to play

Touch and hold your left mouse to drag any available face part

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