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Healing Driver

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Healing Driver is a unique hospital simulator where you drive an ambulance, treat patients, and build a medical empire. Playing Healing Driver and having fun!

About Healing Driver

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey through the medical realm with the Healing Driver html5 car game. In this one-of-a-kind hospital simulator, you will don the hat of an ambulance driver, a doctor, and a hospital manager. Your missions in this free simulator online game are to save lives, build your medical empire, and make critical decisions that impact the lives of your patients.

Behind the Wheel: The Healing Driver Experience

In free Healing Driver game, you’re not just a doctor but also an ambulance driver. Your first task is to rush to the scene, pick up the patients, and transport them to the hospital. The clock is ticking, and this free simulator online game is your responsibility to navigate through traffic and reach the hospital in time.

Symptom-Based Treatment

Every patient in Healing Driver presents with unique symptoms. Your medical expertise is put to the test as you afterward analyze these symptoms and make critical decisions regarding treatment. Furthermore, It’s a game of strategy and quick thinking as you strive to heal your patients efficiently.

Building Your Medical Empire

Nevertheless, as the Healing Driver unblocked game progresses, you’ll find yourself expanding your medical empire. With the money you earn, you can not only add new departments and purchase advanced medical equipment but unlock additional gameplay features.

How to play

Press and hold your left mouse button to drive. Release the mouse button to stop.

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