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About Wanderers.io:

Wanderers.io is one of the unique RPG Io games that you need to play strategically in order to become the top player. Lead a small tribe including tiny people. You need to dominate the map as soon as possible. However, you will not have to command them directly. These minions will work automatically. Actually, they can mine trees, rocks, collect resources, hunt wild animals, and much more once you give them the right tools. You can move your troop around when you grab the totem. They will quickly react to the environment when you approach an object. If you want to increase their performance, do not forget to obtain better items or unlock upgrades. From your advance, you can improve the chance to survive and win. To learn much more about your adventure and what to do, you can open the tutorial. Let’s get ready to join and complete your quests now!


Use the left mouse button to control your items.

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