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About Sploop.io

Sploop.io offers a large playground where players will move around the map to prepare for their survival. You will find elements like survival and crafting in this game.

Inspired by Starve.io, Sploop.io unblocked was born to give players an interesting option on the web browser. You will start to control your character to perform the process of survival by collecting resources on the map. Then, turn them into special weapons to fight other opponents on the map.

Although having a familiar operating method, this game will make players different thanks to the types of resources. You will use the character’s tools to collect resources to own high-damage weapons. The better the weapon, the higher the odds of winning the battle will be.

As mentioned, other opponents in the survival animal game will make things more competitive. There are many enemies on the map, they are also looking for resources like you and will be ready for battles. You should choose to run away if you feel weaker than them in the confrontation.

Of course, you will not run away forever during this game experience. Focus on exploiting resources to make weapons, we believe that is the core factor for you to demonstrate your ability. This game has a lot of weapons with high damage or some outstanding advantages that you should learn.

Play Sploop.io online will give you a better overview of the exciting survival battles on the web browser. This is a product from LapaMauve and is becoming the choice of many players. So, if you want, you can log in to your device’s web browser to experience it now.

How to play

There are 3 ways to control the character: WASD / ZQSD and arrow keys Press the E button to automatically attack the character, use food with the Q . button Use the X button to lock rotation, Enter to chat, and H to customize the grid position

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