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Snakes 3D Full Screen

About is a multiplayer slither style inspired game that has become the choice of players. You will start by controlling a snake, then try to develop it in different ways.

The gameplay of Gulper io is not too different from other snake io games on the browser, and there are some new improvements. You will still face other players around the world thanks to an internet connection. You will then join the never-ending war through the form of a colorful snake.

Each loser in this game will have another join immediately. This will make the game always take place at a high pace, making you not have peace when experiencing the game. Thanks to that, players will practice concentration, just a small mistake will make you lose at any time.

The person with the highest score will have the advantage in each level. They can destroy the smaller prey more easily. But at the same time, the larger the size, the slower the snake’s movement speed will become.

The control method is quite simple, you just need to use the mouse to help your snake move as you like. Therefore, players can comfortably avoid hunting against stronger enemies. Try to be patient to be able to take revenge when you are strong enough.

Your task in unblocked will be to increase the size of the snake to the maximum to get on the leaderboard. Can you become the strongest snake in this game by devouring the bright dots on the screen? Play Gulperio online now to show your talent.

Besides, do not forget to change the shape or color of the snake after each level. This will definitely bring you more excitement when enjoying the game next time.

How to play

Navigate the snake to move around the map using the mouse

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