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Maximus January 24, 2018 Io Games 14019

Snakes 3D Full Screen

About Gobattle.io

Gobattle.io is a cool classic game. Check out the Free For All mode and play against multiple enemies in a combat set in a strange and dangerous world. Pick out one of the available characters from the collection and send him to the playfield where you will have the opportunity to show and prove your power. The main aim is to become the strongest King. The class that you select on the home screen will bring a special skill. Roam around the dark cave and avoid every obstacle. In case you are being attacked, you can cover your body with a shield. It is an essential tip for survival. Drinking potions to restore your HP. Not only that, do not ignore killing other players and earn gold coins. Additionally, you can collect several weapons. With the money that you have already attained, you are recommended to spend them on upgrades which allow you to rank up easier. Good luck

How to play

Press arrow keys to move around the map, jump, and cover your body with a shield. Tap Space to fire.

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