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About is a place for players to freely explore endless journeys across the ocean. Here, you can become a crew member to help your ship overcome the available obstacles.

In a friendly, enthusiastic organization there are always spoilers. And unblocked is no exception, where you will meet vandals. Of course, you can choose your role in this game, which is to become a passionate crewman or an obnoxious spoiler.

No matter what role you choose, players will have memorable experiences while enjoying the game. If you choose the role of sailor, your task is to complete the assigned tasks with other sailors. At the same time, avoid the approach from vandals to ensure your safety.

If you find out anyone is a traitor, or have some important evidence, you should call a meeting. Here, everyone will agree with each other and verify the information provided by you. So if they agree, they will vote and remove the traitors from the boat.

Becoming a traitor seems to make the player much more tense and suspenseful. Similar to Among Us, the traitor in the game will do whatever it takes to destroy the sailors on the ship. Besides, you should also find ways to interrupt activities if you don’t want to lose.

If you want to kill anyone, you have to make sure that everything is gentle and without attracting attention. Just one person to find out, you will be voted and banished from the ship immediately.

Play online to discover the brand new mechanics and missions available. So, you need to register an account to store information and customize the character in the next play. If you want, you can also find out some other 3D io games on our website.

How to play

Use the arrows on the keyboard or the WASD button to help the crew move Use E, Space to interact, and M to open the map

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