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Baby Chicco Adventures

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Baby Chicco Adventures unblocked will happen on countless platforms. Explore another world in the Baby Chicco Adventures game and help your buddy come home!

About Baby Chicco Adventures

Join Baby Chicco Adventures 2D and take control of an adorable little penguin. Can you save him from danger and help him escape from the world where he gets stuck?

Begin all Baby Chicco Adventures in your new game with the pixel graphics

At the start, the TV suddenly sucks the penguin. And then, he immediately appears in a completely different world. Like every html5 jumping game, he must perform jumps so he can overcome challenging spaces and hit blocks to obtain coins. Especially, jumping is useful for taking down roaming foes.

Finish Baby Chicco Adventures and your free game unblocked by completing checkpoints

In the free Baby Chicco Adventures unblocked journey, you will find lots of areas. And, each of them will challenge your friend in a special way. In addition to gathering hiding coins, you should knock down moving enemies and head to the final checkpoint as soon as possible.

To conquer Baby Chicco Adventures as well as the new pixel game that you like, you have to make the penguin jump properly. Next, you can stomp the wandering opponents and keep going. Good luck!

How to play

Help the penguin shoot with X/J. Make him jump or fly with W/Z. Move him with Left, Right Arrow Keys/ A, D keys.

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