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Candy Clicker 2

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About Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 unblocked is super sweet world for candy lovers. You can make your own candies and unlock the best variety of candies through the free idle levels here.

Have you ever dreamed of a sweet candy world where you can eat as much candy as you like without paying any fees? You can play Candy Clicker 2 online now to make your dream come true. Simply tap the screen to produce candies, but you have to do it fast. So this is the place for candy lovers but nimble to be the best candy maker. Whenever you want to play, just visit the web browser here to make free candy. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment to speed up candy making and make unique candies.

Not only touch to make candy, you can enjoy soft and catchy music when you play this free HTML5 online game. Musical melodies will match your every touch on the screen to play and enjoy the music throughout the level. So, do you want to create millions of sweets on the wonderful music of Candy Clicker 2?

How to play

Simply use the left mouse button to tap on the candy icon

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