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End of War

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End of War is an online simulation game unblocked for kids and more. Start to fulfill goals in End of War as a hero and try to rebuild cities in a short time!

About End of War

End of War game is an enchanting action 3D playfield. Building again cities that wars have ruined will be the main mission that you, a hero, need to complete.

End of War is a game where you finish every essential job to restore various locations

As the person that the game chooses, you will play End of War online full screen as you want and embark on reconstructing towns. So, they can regenerate places that bombs have destroyed. Aside from that, you have to grow forests and even fields again.

Work at the End of War game with other people

As it happens, you should gather survivors of all ages to make a team and accomplish tasks together. And, that is useful to conclude everything in the shortest time. But, it’s necessary to manage your groups. Besides, it’s urgent to renovate factories and save others from buildings that have collapsed.

Literally, End of War is a game not about battles. Additionally, it requires the player to control every objective strategically. Let’s jump into your position and get through your duty as soon as possible!

How to play

Travel across the map in-game with the WASD or arrow keys.

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