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Idle Inventor

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Idle Inventor gives you a chance to be a factory-owning tycoon to join in an epic journey. Let's unleash your inner inventor with Idle Inventor and enjoy it!

About Idle Inventor

Welcome to the world of Idle Inventor 3D idle game, where your entrepreneurial dreams become a reality. As a factory-owning tycoon, you’ll build and expand your production lines, create a wide array of vehicles, and maximize your profits in this idle game that runs around the clock.

Idle Inventor: Crafting the Factory Empire

Once playing Idle Inventor free game, you’re not just an entrepreneur. You’re moreover a factory-owning tycoon with the power to shape your industrial empire. Your mission in this unblocked upgrade online game is undoubtedly to churn out massive machines that range from cars and flying vehicles to military equipment and spacecraft. The sky’s not even the limit!

Profit Maximization

Additionally, as a savvy tycoon, your primary focus is on profits. Certainly, the more vehicles you produce and ship, the more money you make. Every container that reaches the cargo ship signifies more cash in your pocket. The challenge is to optimize your production lines to make those containers appear at an astonishing rate.

Running Five-Themed Factories in Idle Inventor

Furthermore, your empire encompasses five distinct factories, each specializing in its own theme of vehicles. You’ll manage a total of 12 cars, 12 flying machines, 12 construction vehicles, 12 military vehicles, and 12 spacecraft vehicles.

However, that’s just the beginning! Therefore, let’s get Idle Inventor APK download to enjoy your dream immediately today.

How to play

Click your left mouse button to choose options and play the game.

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