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Space Shooter

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Space Shooter is a 2D unblocked shooting game like a popular movie. Shoot at all the invading aliens in Space Shooter and complete your job as fast as you can!

About Space Shooter

Let’s play Space Shooter online full screen and you can embark on a strange mission! Like the film Despicable Me, you’ll protect your place by clearing every alien.

Space Shooter is a 2D fight against countless evil creatures from outer space

All in all, in the html5 shooting game that you will enter, you must destroy intruders from space quickly. So, you can defend your home and other people. Therefore, it’s essential for you to aim and attack your enemies in an accurate way.

Space Shooter is free to play online with the full-screen mode

Really, turning on the full-mode screen in Space Shooter APK for Android is necessary to explore. And, it’s useful to finish your goal in an easy manner. More importantly, you have to dodge their counterattack for survival.

Especially, you can break the previous record if you try hard to gain the highest score. Thus, that will depend on how you use your mouse button to cause deadly damage to your foes.

Now, Space Shooter is a free game with fantastic graphics, sounds, effects, and many more. So, pick your weapon and get ready to rescue everybody!

How to play

Discover everything in-game and attack aliens with your mouse.

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