Stickman WW2

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About Stickman WW2

Stickman WW2 is a strategy game designed in stickman style. Your mission is to assemble powerful units to fight opponents, plunder resources and gain domination.

Join this strategy game, you will become a military commander and have the responsibility to protect your stickman base. You also have the opportunity to participate in battles with many different opponents and level up after each victory. The higher the level, you will meet stronger opponents and get a higher bonus if you win.

To gain the advantage, you need the powerful stickman units to recruit to the battlefield. Some miners will continuously mine gold and ore mines to generate money. And you will use that money to unlock units from machine guns and flamethrowers to cannons and tanks.

You can recruit stickman units indefinitely as long as you have enough gold coins. Larger forces will give you more advantages in the battle. But you should pay attention to good units like the flame gun stickman. Although they are more expensive, they can deal more and even better damage after each upgrade.

Stickman games are gradually gaining popularity around the world not only because of the gameplay but also the design image. The funny stickman soldier units look very friendly and have vivid shooting effects. The game context also changes flexibly through the battles and the soundtrack is also very attractive.

Because of the above reasons, Stickman WW2 APK will not disappoint you. Get ready to compete with other stickman legions and assert your position on the battlefield. Stickman units with guns will be your war warriors.

How to play

Left click to unlock and upgrade stickman units

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