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Slime Farm Remake

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About Slime Farm Remake

You can play Slime Farm Remake online now to build a fun farm full of slime characters. They can help generate gold coins for you to unlock more exciting new slimes.

Have you ever thought that you will get rich from the Slime farm model? It sounds crazy but that’s your experience in Slime Farm Remake unblocked. You will play with tiny and fun slimes with addictive but idle click mechanics. Your task is to click continuously to increase the gold production rate of each slime. With the gold coins you get, you can unlock more new slimes and help you make more money. Just like that, your experience won’t stop unless you give it up. It’s a fun experience with a bright background, vibrant music, and relaxing idle game mechanics. So you can play it wherever you are, no download and no fees required. You can make your own money from the Slime farm and use that money to shop.

Over time, you can see a crowded farm filled with colorful slimes. You can shop them flowers, cakes or decorate them with unique hats. This makes the slimes happier, which in turn will produce gold coins faster. And you just need to click on the gold coins symbols to collect them, then enjoy the feeling of becoming a rich tycoon. So, you don’t need to do much but you still have fun, that’s the attraction of Slime Farm Remake and many other farming 2D games. You can freely create your farm with fun skins, memorial monuments or even an epic theater. So you will find true joy from these creative ideas here.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to click the function buttons on the screen

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