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About unblocked is a space shooting game loved by many gamers. Here, you can become a pilot, form a team and join fierce space battles with dozens of heavy weapons.

What do you think of a large-scale shooter to play in space with dozens of online gamers? Yes, it must be fun for you to enjoy the unique challenges at high tempo. So, you should experience this multiplayer space game to immediately participate in real races for top pilots. Your mission is to fly the plane and attack the enemy planes. You can take down all the opponents and AI to become the ruler of the universe. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out a variety of amazing weapons and support features from the super unique fighter.

Some of the features you need to know when you play online include the battle engine and the defense abilities of the spaceship. Specifically, you will have rockets, space bombs, and taser as heavy weapons to attack enemies. Depending on the type, the damage ability of the above weapons is different. For example, a missile is a powerful weapon to track and finish a target automatically. Meanwhile, the space bomb is a weapon with huge damage on a large scale, useful for destroying many aircraft at the same time. In contrast to the offensive weapons, you will own the protective abilities that come from the shield, boost and Deflector Shield. They will be useful in certain situations, helping you to dodge or increase protection from attacks from enemies. With weapons and shields, you can make epic space battles with your friends. So don’t miss the good repertoire here and in other shooter io games.

How to play

Move your spaceship with WASD. Left click to shoot with weapon 1 and right click to shoot with weapon 2. Change weapons by scrolling, hold Shift to slow down

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