Defuse the Bomb 3D

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About Defuse the Bomb 3D

Defuse the Bomb 3D unblocked are thrilling bomb defusing challenges. You will enter the game as a member of the bomb squad and have to complete the tasks in each level.

Welcome to the challenges for the bravest in Defuse the Bomb 3D for kids. Here, you join the bomb squad and have to complete the levels according to the instructions. Don’t touch things that are not in the instructions because you never know what will happen. You know how dangerous bomb defusing can be, but it’s work worthy of the bravest. It sounds difficult, but this game is almost like puzzle games. It requires you to find the right devices on the bomb to complete the defuse without causing any damage. Focus on the on-screen instructions and quickly find what you need. But pay attention, you only have a few dozen seconds to find and solve a bomb, hurry up!

After completing bomb defusing levels, you will receive a certain amount of money. You can use it for upgrading your workshop such as adding new machines and new workers. That will help you expand your experience to more exciting new challenges. At the same time, upgrading the workshop also helps to upgrade the work progress, helping you to complete the tasks better. So this seems to be a good opportunity to make money and get rich, but it is not easy. You need to make good use of your keen observation and screen manipulation to solve everything in a given time. Therefore, it is not simply an ordinary puzzle game, it is a fascinating and engaging experience in every second. Moreover, it is a race of time and mind for you to prove your talent when you play Defuse the Bomb 3D online.

How to play

Left click to interact with the bomb and rotate the camera

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