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Sweet Escape

Maximus March 4, 2022 Tower Defense 2174

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About Sweet Escape

It’s time for you to make your escape under the sunset in Sweet Escape for kids! This journey is yours and you can master it to discover everything the further you go.

Sometimes running away is as fun as how you play Sweet Escape for free. This is the place for adventures that are both vibrant and funny at the top of the buildings. You need to control your character well to pass the safe buildings and explore all the surroundings. You can see how beautiful everything is in the sunlight of the sunset over the modern city. So, if you want to explore more, you need to focus on every move of the naughty guy in the game. This time, there will be many interesting challenges for you, which are stacked bricks, gaps, steps and more. How to overcome all of them is up to your strategy, but just click at the right time.

You can click multiple times to destroy a large brick block. But control your click speed so that your character does not fall into the pit unfortunately. This is a great experience for professional aerial jumps. Or sometimes it’s simply steps running through iron fences with lots of birds perched there. You can feel the vibrant music in every dance step and the series of effects that follow it. The sunset sunlight will illuminate your soul to create positive energies for a long journey. More scenes will gradually appear and leave you with many impressions as you unlock new stages. So don’t miss the wonderful experience when you enjoy Sweet Escape unblocked online.

How to play

Click to control your character to jump over the obstacles on the roof tops

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