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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kirby

Maximus December 1, 2021 Tower Defense 1699

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About Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kirby

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Kirby Full Week is possibly the best mod of the FNF series. It takes you to the never-ending musical war with Kirby, a lovable musical superstar.

If you love classical music rhythm game genre, don’t miss this mod for Friday Night Funkin. Exciting music parties are coming between BF and Kirby right here in this web browser and free to play. So, spend your free time on the most exciting songs and conquer it with a record score. Will you be able to beat Kirby to become the champion next week in FNF vs Kirby?

Same old gameplay, you have to complete the notes in the right order and at the right time to score points. But if you miss any arrows, your opponent will have a chance to get ahead with a higher score. So, don’t give him that chance by focusing on your fingers and eyes. You can feel the music on your fingertips and enjoy it your way to playing well. Besides, try the best mod for FNF and conquer its levels with your new record here.

How to play

Click the arrow keys on the keyboard in the order of the arrows running across the screen at the right time

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