Candy Blocks Challenge

Maximus December 27, 2021 Tower Defense 344

About Candy Blocks Challenge

Candy Blocks Challenge unblocked is a place for you to play with colorful candies. You just click on candies of the same color to destroy them and unlock new levels.

It is a classic puzzle gameplay that you can enjoy now when you play Candy Blocks Challenge online. It’s not the traditional match-3 or merge levels but levels to destroy candy. Simply click on the area containing candies of the same color to destroy them and score points. Each successful break will give you more achievement points, and open up more interesting moves. But pay attention, it is not as easy as you imagine because it is a challenging puzzle game. Destroying candies is very easy, but how to score the most points is difficult. Each of your clicks needs to have a strategy to unlock more clicks more effectively. If you destroy the candy with the bigger combo, the higher the score will be, so you can make your name on the online leaderboard.

Candy Blocks Challenge 3D sometimes makes you confused to search for candy combos of the same color. There are many candies with different colors arranged randomly, they are your challenge. Completing a level will help you unlock a new level with even more exciting challenges. Pay attention to your moves as they are not infinitely free. Players will have to complete levels within a certain number of moves, so every move is important. You can freely click on an area, for example, there are only 2 candies of the same color. But you should consider how effective it will be for the next step. That’s how you conquer the hardest levels in this exciting puzzle game!

How to play

Click on candies of the same color to destroy them

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