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Age of War

Maximus October 12, 2022 Tower Defense 643

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Play Age of War game and experience intense battles through 5 ages! Fight against lots of enemies in Age of War and destroy all of them to survive and level up!

About Age of War

Age of War online is a cool defense game. It’s a war that continuously happens through various ages. You should win and evolve fast to beat every opponent soon.

So, you will go through five ages including Stone, Castle, Renaissance, Modern, and Future. Besides, each of them will bring different rivals and weapons. To become the winner, you need to defend your base, clear their castle, and stay alive.

Further, it is an action game that will give you plenty of tools to unlock and use. Additionally, they are corresponding to their age. Once you collect enough XP, your civilization can evolve and you will receive newer and better technologies.

Moreover, it’s necessary to generate strong units with turrets to prevent foes from attacking your land. Meanwhile, remember to develop your army and own stronger weapons! Further, there is a special attack. It allows you to launch artillery strikes with gods raining rocks.

Age of War unblocked is a simple but fun game. Try to gather XP and evolve quickly so you can win against every wave and open up another age!

How to play

Left-click on units to send them.

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