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Welcome to unblocked, the game built on the Slither gameplay and visuals of Among Us. You need to make an effort to extend your color while avoiding others.

If you’ve played Among Us game, you probably recognize the familiarity in this game. It uses the typical crew images of that famous game but possesses a different gameplay. This gameplay is like the classic Slither games, where you have to compete with many other people to survive.

Your task is to expand your territory by moving and spreading your colors on the map. But you need to do it wisely so as not to touch other people’s colors. It is a fierce competition between many players and each player will have their own color that defines their region.

If you touch someone else’s color, they will own your color and grow bigger while you will play again from the beginning. So when you start, it’s best to keep your distance from others and be patient in your comfort zone. But later, when you have a better advantage, you can carry out a plan to invade them.

Play wisely to show your strategy in this Slither style game. You just need to move the mouse on the screen to control your astronaut, simple as that. The character image looks quite lovely, the battlefield scene is also very intuitive and large to freely expand your color. is really a fun playground to compete with many friends online. You can play it online here and work for your ranking on the leaderboard. If you’re ready, start the game with a plan you just came up with!

How to play

Move your mouse across the screen to expand your color territory

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