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Short Life 2

Maximus March 22, 2022 Strategy 1908

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About Short Life 2

Short Life game has become one of the ragdoll products that are popular with many people. The appearance of Short Life 2 will help you have another quality choice.

Unlike the first version, Short Life 2 unblocked gives players more than 20 different levels that need to be completed. The player will still control a guy with an interesting appearance to overcome the obstacles that appear in each level. Any obstacle will cause him to suffer from minor injuries to serious injuries. Therefore, be very careful when controlling if you want to achieve the highest score after each level.

Not only bringing changes to the terrain, but this version also owns new characters throughout the game. You can unlock your favorite characters by collecting stars that are random on the map. In addition, Short Life without flash is what we want to refer to in this game. This means you just need to open your browser to play the game at any time.

How to play

Control the character through the arrow buttons or WASD, and use the R button to restart

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