OddBods: Go Bods

Maximus January 4, 2022 Strategy 535

About OddBods: Go Bods

OddBods Go Bods unblocked is a fun puzzle game where you can show off your logical skills. You need to help the two of you through the challenging tracks by all means!

You will have both fun and rewarding experiences when you play OddBods Go Bods online. Here, your task is to help two friends Bubbles and Slick overcome obstacles to run to the finish line. Game mechanics are like other puzzle games, but it’s more interesting in that you need to control two characters at the same time. So this game requires better creativity and imagination in our gamers. There will be dozens of levels from easy to difficult with lots of unique challenges built into each level. They can be wooden crates, wheels, roadblocks, cannons… They will give you a lot of trouble to find the best solution and help the two of you ride your bike successfully to the finish line. Take some time to think about the answer, which can be a series of events that combine multiple events at once.

This logic html5 will be helpful to develop your thinking thanks to interesting and fun logic puzzles. So anyone can play it to enjoy the quiz levels and test themselves. Don’t think that they are easy to overcome because there are dozens of tough challenges in the following levels. Each level needs a perfect answer, but it will take you a long time to think of it. You can combine obstacles from either side of the path, or you can alternately control two characters. A few precise movements can lead to the answer, if not, you can play over and over again until you get the results you want.

How to play

Simply left click on the obstacles and characters to solve the puzzle

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