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Maximus January 10, 2019 Splix Style 1879

Snakes 3D Full Screen


Play online for free in your browser and try to conquer more challenges using your excellent abilities. In this Splix Style game, you play as a snake-like character swimming through a big map to capture a lot of space. Then, you connect them all back to your main base to expand your territory. Keep in mind that your tail needs to be well protected while you are searching for space to capture because if somebody runs into it, your game will be over instantly, making you restart it from scratch. But, you can try to crash into the tail of a certain enemy to defeat him then steal his space, making your territory much bigger. Just make sure that you play with nice tactics and always outplay your opponents for a better chance of winning. You have to create the biggest territory possible to dominate the leaderboard! Have fun!

How to play

Move your character around the map to capture more space using arrow keys or WASD.

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