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Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Maximus March 9, 2023 Splix Style 2210

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Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers unblocked is a two-player fighting game. Stick to many battles of Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers and help your character get 5 scores now!

About Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers is an inspiring ragdoll fighting game. Its modes will ask you to collect 5 wins before the opponent so you can step into the next match.

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers is a free-to-play game online with singleplayer and 2 player game modes

It’s possible for every joiner of this cool physics 2 player online game to choose between two available rooms. Thus, you can select a friend. Then, enter the same playfield with you. Or, you are able to experience all with the computer rival.

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers is a game with fighting mechanics for ragdolls

So, you will take control of a ragdoll and try to score 5 wins before you conquer the round. Within the challenge, you can launch head hits and punches to damage and knock down the others.

At the same time, it’s necessary to defend your player by blocking attacks from the challenger. In other words, you must keep your fighter safe until you take over the playground.

It’s currently free for you to play Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers online! Invite your buddies or check out the possibility of the computer!

How to play

Player 1 utilizes W and S to go, A with D to punch, E to hit the enemy with your head Player 2 presses Up and Down to walk forward or backward, Left with Right to punch, R-Shift to cause damage by using the head.

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