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Snake Vs Block

Maximus March 15, 2023 Snake games 1319

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Slither throughout the unblocked Snake Vs Block game with a small snake and grow longer by collecting circles. Avoid square blocks in Snake Vs Block to survive!

About Snake Vs Block

Play Snake Vs Block multiplayer and you can submit your score easily. However, you must move skillfully and eat circles containing numbers so you can get stronger.

Snake Vs Block is a top-down multiplayer game with a unique competition

There is a leaderboard. And, the leader in your snake 3D game is the player who owns the highest score. Hence, you’d better increase your point by making your tail the longest. In other words, you’d better swallow as much food as possible.

Snake Vs Block game online is a free playfield with the slither style

In the beginning and until the end, you will direct a short snake. Like every free slither style game, you have to eat food to become longer. And, the food includes circles. But, you need to watch everything around the track so you can evade obstacles.

Thus, you cannot stay alive if you crash into square shapes many times since they will cut your tail quickly. Thus, you should dodge them fast so they cannot die too soon.

Snake Vs Block free online is a survival game. Slither and dominate the scoreboard now!

How to play

Move the snake by controlling the mouse.

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