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About Hexanaut.io

Hexanaut.io unblocked is an online playground for you to show off your strategy. Your task is to expand your territory by moving to connect the colored hexagons.

Each player in this game has a unique color that defines their name and territory. If you have purple, your every move will spread purple all over the map, thereby helping you expand your territory. But other people do the same thing, and you have to compete with them.

You need to move flexibly and wisely to extend your color to more zones in seconds. However, make sure you don’t cut yourself or others. If you collide with another color, you lose. Whereas, if someone touches your color, you own all of their color.

There are many different players in the world participating in this game, so the competition is very high. You need to show your strategy to conquer one by one. But don’t think about competing when you first play Hexanaut.io free online. Focus on improving your size first instead of thinking of tips to end others.

When you reach a certain size, you should think of ways to invade other people’s territories. Because their color is the best loot on this map for you to grow up fast. You can use speed and dexterity to trap them into your territory, but be careful not to regret it.

As can be seen, Hexanaut.io is built based on the gameplay of the classic slither snake game. But it has many fresh changes, inspiring longtime fans. Come here and try your hand at the long-running online competition and strive for leaderboard rankings!

How to play

Simply move your mouse in all directions to expand your color territory

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