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Maximus December 30, 2021 RPG 659

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About Rebel Gamio

Rebel Gamio 3D is fun and challenging races. Here, you will have to overcome other online opponents and be the first to complete the race with dozens of obstacles.

The races we just mentioned are not fast paced car races. Instead, it’s races full of obstacles where you have to jog through them all to get to the finish line. You will join 5 other online players and will start racing as soon as everyone is ready. Focus from the first moment because obstacles will appear right at the starting line. Challenges can drive you crazy because they are really hard. But you can conquer them if you know effective tips to overcome obstacles fastest when you play Rebel Gamio online. So what are the tips to play Rebel Gamio unblocked well?

Firstly, at the obstacles running back and forth, instead of running left or right to dodge, you can run a circuit on one side of the road. It’s the only free space for you to run through obstacles without thinking. Second, at the lost sections of the road, please wait a moment to form a bridge and pass easily. Besides, you need to avoid unnecessary levers because they can activate a giant sphere. That sphere will knock you forward and you will start over. Also, if you accidentally fall to a lower floor, try to find a portal to return. Your journey continues for you to conquer more unique challenges. It is best not to care about your competitors, instead, you should focus on yourself. This game and other io for kids games will make you so excited that you can’t take your eyes off.

How to play

Use the WASD key combo to move the character left, right, up, down and over obstacles

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