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About Dynast.io

Show off your building ability in an RPG Strategy game called Dynast.io! The game will get you through many challenges when pitting you against other players from around the world while attempting to build your own dynasty that lasts for ages. You will begin making your way through the map in a top-down view as you search for more resources to enhance yourself with powerful tools and weapons. You’d better make use of them during this journey! They will help you defeat a lot of wild animals roaming the lands searching for their tasty meals. Once you catch sight of them, try to kill them as fast as possible before they have a chance to eat you up. Those animals are not the only thing, you have to be aware of, other players are able to assault you then steal your items. Make sure to watch out for your surroundings, kill all of your opponents and end up as the victor!

How to play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to assault the enemies or collect items. Use key C to craft items, key B to build, key I to open the inventory, and key M to open the team.

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