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About Avoids.io

You can play Avoids.io free online and discover an endless competition between online gamers. You are a small circle that always strives to get bigger and survive.

This game is a fun online playground for you to compete or cooperate with many other players. Your mission is to collect colored pellets to get bigger over time while dodging enemies bigger than yourself. You can play with your teammates and support each other in this competition for survival.

Move your circle with arrow keys or WASD, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it? But you need to move wisely to eat the colored balls to get bigger and level up. After eating enough color pellets, you will level up. Just like that, you will become stronger and have more advantages over time.

In the beginning, it is best to keep your distance from other players. If you are not level enough to devour them, of course, they will do it to you. So you should focus on eating the free colored pellets on the map. When you level up, you can swallow other players to get great loot.

Besides, in the Avoids.io unblocked game, you can help your allies. People of the same color as you can save each other if they are attacked. However, you will lose and disappear from the map if no one saves you within 10 seconds.

Avoids.io is one of the great multiplayer io games to test your survival. To play well, you need to move wisely, have a clear strategy and know how to make use of your skills. Don’t forget that you can go invisible or teleport for an advantage.

How to play

Move with WASD or arrow keys or left click

Use skills 1 and 2 by clicking Z and X

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