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About Planet-O-Tron

Planet-O-Tron unblocked is a space puzzle game with familiar match-3 mechanics and unique setting. You will match similar planets to score points and unlock new levels.

The match-3 game style is so familiar to all gamers because it has been and is very popular in online and mobile games. However, with this puzzle online, you will find a new and more interesting puzzle feeling. Instead of matching diamond items, flowers, stars… you will match planets to bring them to the right orbit. It sounds abstract but the gameplay is very simple, just click and move the planets to match. Your task is to find and match at least 3 similar planets to make them disappear. Each successful match will bring you a score depending on the effectiveness of that pairing. For example, if you combine combos of 4 or 5 planets together, you will get a higher score when you can only match 3 combos.

Attention, you need to care about the number of moves in each level because that is what determines your puzzle plan. Each move you make on the puzzle board takes away one turn from the total number of moves. And if when you run out of moves but haven’t completed the mission, you have to replay it from the beginning. So even though it’s a fairly simple game, you might run into trouble when you play Planet-O-Tron online. But that’s not the point, you can play over and over again until you get the desired result. You can see your cumulative points increase over time and it is the basis for ranking. Show your logic and imagination to overcome these super fun space puzzle levels.

How to play

Left click, hold and drag the planets to move them to the position you want

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