Maximus April 4, 2018 Ocean 57

About is a cool ocean-themed Agario style game about a great ultimate battle. It is set in a special place where you can find a lot of isles. You will take the role of a Uganda warrior and fight against other opponents to prove that you are the best character. If you want to achieve the goal and become the top player, do not forget to beat as many enemies as possible. Aside from that, you must defend your life until you end up everything. After you appear on the map of, you are able to swim around and use your spear to cause the death of somebody. While you are roaming, you are recommended to pick up orbs floating on the water. They will help you feel stronger. In case, you are being chased and you cannot counterattack, you can boost your speed or hide under big trees on islands for a while. Do not stay there for too long or you can get troubles! Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to attack, RMB to boost.


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Maximus always feels busy with personal projects, especially for the operation and development of this website. He always wants to get the best products to create a fun playground for everyone. The friendliness and diligence help the user create sympathy with those around him.

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