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Jungle Chains

Maximus May 30, 2023 Logic 749

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It's a new Jungle Chains unblocked full-screen game waiting for you to conquer its puzzles! And, each stage in Jungle Chains will be a different challenge.

About Jungle Chains

Jungle Chains is actually an addicting puzzle arcade game that happens in a beautiful place. However, somebody has trapped every animal living there inside a net.

Win stages of Jungle Chains online free-to-play by releasing all animals

And, the way that you can apply to set those creatures free is to break the net covering them. Specifically, you need to clear the net in each tile. After that, you will win and go to the next level.

Creating Jungle Chains is an interesting and necessary task in your new full-screen game unblocked

Generally, you are checking a special match 3 game. In addition to that, you shouldn’t forget to connect the same animals to generate big chains or at least a group of 3 identical buddies.

Note! Tiles in the corners can make you feel difficult to complete your level. But, you should not worry because you can solve your matter and understand the rule if you advance. Meanwhile, you get a few minutes only.

Play Jungle Chains free online and you can face a lot of fun puzzles from now on!

How to play

Left-click and drag over identical animals to connect them.

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