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About Wormax2.io

Wormax2.io unblocked is a unique snake game with a bunch of new features. Not only move the snake, but you can also activate many other skills to gain an advantage.

Become a mischievous worm and try to survive against hundreds of online opponents, do you like it? Wormax2.io free online will bring you exciting challenges in the never-ending snake war. It is an open world that connects players around the globe and opens up unlimited levels. Whenever you want to play, just access the game and enjoy the exciting space trip. You are a small snake at first, but you can become one of the biggest snakes on the planet after a while. Food will make you bigger to gain an advantage against small snakes, thereby ending them easily.

But that’s not all when you play this multiplayer online io game. You can use other great skills such as acceleration, stealth, temporary stop, etc. They are useful in some emergency situations, but it takes time to restore energy for use. next. Besides, these advantageous skills also bring disadvantages such as reducing snake size by a few %… So consider to take advantage of special skills from your snake in Wormax.io games.

How to play

Use the mouse to move the snake left or right, left click to accelerate, press W to stop, press E to become invisible...

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