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Have your capabilities and tactics ready for a fight in Wazana.io! You will come across so many opponents in this Tower Defense multiplayer web-browser game. You start constructing a base, manage your resources skillfully then engage in the fight to defeat all enemies. At first, you can pick from three discrepant beginning parties, each of them has their own play style and perks. After that, you have to select a base city. The discrepant kinds of city also bring you exclusive bonuses, which completely depends on your favorite play style. But the most important thing is how you manage your resources – which are crucial elements in the game. You should generate a lot of resources then utilize them to buy more upgrades, new constructions as well as military units. You’d better keep your buildings improved through over time, also, try to send out your units into the fight then let them finish off all enemies. Can you end up as the best lord in this Wazana world? Jump into the game now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to perform your action, and click the right mouse to move your units.

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