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Play the unblocked multiplayer game online for free as an agent. Your mission is not only to dominate the leaderboard but also to eliminate the opponent team. After you spawn, you are able to move around with the equipped shotgun. Explore every corner and find the enemy to destroy them while trying to observe and avoid all of their assaults for survival. When you slay the boss, you will take control of the battlefield and win. Are you ready to take part in the combat in the and conquer every challenge to achieve your goal? Just enter the nickname, choose the favorite settings, learn the basic tutorials, and press the button to embark on your new adventure. After that, you can check out the own shooting skill without cost. The highest score that you earn during the fight is a necessary element for you to climb up to the best position on the ranking. Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD or arrows to move, the left mouse to shoot, Spacebar to jump, E/ Q/ scroll-mouse to switch the weapon, R to reload, F to spray.

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