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Snakes 3D Full Screen unblocked is a multiplayer game with the capture-the-flag style. In, you use your great skills to defeat opponents to top the leaderboard.

About is an FPS multiplayer game in which you choose a weapon and use it to defeat enemies. You also unlock cards then utilize them for a chance of winning. is also a great io game with an amazing battle for you to play to show your skills

The game is about capturing the flag of enemies. So, you need to use an advanced weapon with great skills to capture their flag. There are two characters for you to start with, including Lilium and Shin. So, you can pick the one you like.

Besides, there are also four basic weapons for you to choose from. For instance, you can choose a Scar, a Shotgun, a Sniper, or a Tec-9.

Make use of your character’s abilities to defeat your enemies in game

Every character has amazing abilities. Those abilities are known as cards. So, you need to use those cards in a smart way to defeat enemies. For each enemy you kill and the flag you capture, you will earn some points. Then, you can reach higher levels for great moves.

Play unblocked online to express your capture-the-flag skills!

How to play

Move your character to fight against enemies using WASD. Use the spacebar for jumping through the arena. Reload your weapons with R and use E for melee attack. Throw items with F and use B to buy items. Dance with H and chat with Enter. Turn cards by holding B and shoot enemies using the left mouse button.

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