Treasure Arena

- in IO Games

About Treasure Arena:

Treasure Arena is a unique multiplayer online game for all, which is regarded as the mix of “retro-inspired arcade action and objective-based arena shooters.” It is a frantic combat taking place in a dark dungeon. In which, you will have to play against a large number of people coming from all over the world. The mission that you need to implement to become the winner, as well as take over the battlefield, is to be the first player who steals the most loot. Indeed, collecting the treasures along with every valuable item during the journey is an important key leading to the ultimate victory. The challenge is fairly fun when you can meet up with the enemy and other monsters whenever. So, try to watch your back. There are various classes to choose including Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Mystic, and Ninja. Select one of those heroes to start to experience the battle! Good luck!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move, the mouse to attack, number keys or the mouse wheel to change weapons.

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