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Tactics Core

Maximus January 10, 2019 2D Shooter, Io Games, Strategy, Upgrades 1105

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About Tactics Core

Jump into an amazing strategy game called Tactics Core and play with a team! You join either the blue or red team in this IO game. Your main mission here is to protect your base while venturing out into the fight to defeat all enemies as well as demolish their base. You’d better work with your teammates to elude getting outnumbered by the enemies, and never forget to utilize your tactics to wipe them out. The more rival units you slay, the more XP you will earn, also helping you level up. After leveling up, feel free to buy some better units or even nice upgrades for yourself. You should gear yourself with great items to survive all the dangers easily. Make sure you always stick with your teammates, support each other and lead your team to the victory! Let’s kick off the battle now then conquer it all! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click left mouse to fire, use key 1 for special skills.

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