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About Sworm.io:

Sworm.io is a popular brand new Io game based o Slither style. It is free for all to play online against each other on the same massive dark map. The mission that you will accomplish is to become the longest worm on the server. Choose the mode and the skin you like best to start your adventure. Move around the surroundings and eat food available on the ground to grow longer and bigger. Be careful! You will die if you bump into other opponents. In Sworm.io, you are allowed to hunt down bugs. When they are killed, they will drop shields. These items are really useful for you to protect your body. Nobody can cut you after you are armored. Besides, picking magnets or other bonuses along the way will help you increase the costume distance or add more newbies to your swarm. Especially, you can cut other enemies or your group. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move. Hold LMB or W to speed up, RMB or Space to cut other worms or yours. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

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