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Super Treasure Arena

Maximus June 17, 2017 Io Games 2089

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About Super Treasure Arena

Super Treasure Arena is a free multiplayer online game which is regarded as the amalgamation of two genres, shooter and retro-arcade action. The adventure that you are about to engage will take place in a dark dungeon, the house of scary creatures and the ideal arena for all. In the new challenge, you need to try to become the first player who can wipe out the enemy and take over that world. However, you also have other missions such as collecting gold coins with treasures or stealing those items from the opponents. Both them are the important elements to the victory. Before you embark on your job, you should choose the character that you like most. Remember that each class will possess the own abilities! When you spawn, you can begin to learn how to use weapons and move wisely. There are tons of equipment you will have the opportunity to gather during the journey including magic staffs, bombs, bows, or rockets, and so on. Good luck!

How to play

Press WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to attack.

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