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About is a great futuristic space-themed shooter Io game consisting of many different interesting game modes like Survival, Team, and Pro Deathmatch. Each of them will bring back to the player extremely exciting experiences. Just pick out the combat that you like most and embark on your job as soon as possible. You will start off the challenge as a commander who is taking control of an awesome spaceship. Firstly, you can roam and gather power-ups which are scattered across the playing field. Meanwhile, you are allowed to mine and fight against other enemies. You will have the chance to upgrade your own ship with tons of crystals you have obtained. You can receive much more valuable gems if you share the game via social media. Not only that, plenty of cool vehicles will be unlocked once you level up. Let’s play, check your skill, and dominate the leaderboard right now!

How to play

Use the arrows or right mouse to move, Space or left mouse to fire.

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